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For products delivered within Thailand The company will deliver parcels to you via Kerry Express and Thai Post, which will notify the parcel delivery number (Tracking Number) via Email, Facebook Messenger or Line. Will be delivered free of charge

For products that need to be shipped internationally, the company will check the freight price FedEx / DHL / TNT or others and notify by Email due to the different product requirements of each country. Customers are required to independently verify the details of procedures related to destination customs.

All products, the company guarantees 100% quality inspection. Want to contact to buy products at wholesale prices, please contact e-mail: For the benefit of the customer, please fill out the name-address of the shipment clearly, complete with a telephone number, and the delivery address should have someone who can pick up the parcel. If the parcel has been bounced back In any case, the customer will be responsible for the re-shipping costs by themselves. And the company Will deliver new products Only when receiving the original parcel back

Receiving the product after sending the product, the company will notify the shipping number (Tracking number). Send the number to the email within 12 hours. Use the shipping method by KERRY. Usually domestic parcels will reach recipient within 2-5 working days. If not received within 5 working days, please notify the company. To track the product, please contact
  Line ID : @dhvai
  +662 964 4912-4

Checking the delivery status

Customers can check the status of product delivery via the website of the service provider below.
KERRY     Thailand Post     FedEx     DHL    

To report ordering problems or want to contact staff, please contact 095-8753364
All customers are assured that the company We will keep the information in every customer order confidential, whether it is name, address, telephone number or email, and all customers can contact back to inquire about additional products at any time. Thank you to all customers for coming here.

I would like all customers to be confident that the company The information on every order of every customer is kept confidential whether it is name, address, telephone number or email. All information will be kept confidential. All customers can contact you back for more information at any time. The company has complied with the laws of the government PDPA Personal Data Protection Act 2019