"The story of red jasmine rice"

Causes that cause skin aging In addition to internal factors such as age and hormones, external factors are important. The main cause of aging, wrinkles and dullness of the skin is UV light, which directly affects the aging process of the skin, both by interfering with extracellular elements. (Extracellular Matrix) such as collagen and elastin, which act as the structure of the skin. It also interferes with the activity of skin cells such as fibroblasts to produce more matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and elastases, which increases the destruction of collagen. And elastin in the dermis Of the skin causing lack of flexibility and wrinkles UV light is also a key factor in stimulating melanocyte cells to produce more melanin, leading to dullness. And causing inflammation of the skin Which will affect to accelerate the breakdown of collagen as well

The extracellular components of the skin are one of the key targets. The elasticity of the skin depends on the amount of
Elastin is the main strength and structure of the skin, more than 70% is collagen, especially collagen type I and IV, while hyaluronic acid is glycosaminoglycan. That has the ability to absorb water into the molecules, making skin cells moist.

Therefore, the extracellular composition is maintained by increasing the formation or inhibition of degradation, either by inhibiting the activity of enzymes in MMPs, elastase or hyaluronidases. Which is secreted by skin cells, thus is another biological target

Rice has been the staple grain consumed by Thais for a long time. From 1982, the main rice variety, 105 jasmine rice, or 105 jasmine rice with a faint red appearance, was discovered at the Surin Rice Experiment Station. It was later developed And selection of species until in the year 2545 was registered with the Department of Agriculture. In the name of shallot rice And with the origin of the species It is 105 jasmine rice, so this kind of rice is called Red jasmine rice

Study results of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine. Chiang Mai University found that Shallot Rice Extract Cultivated from organic farms through special extraction techniques It is rich in substances of Phenolics and Flavonoids that are important Proanthocyanidins.

The secret of colored rice Is an important substance Pro anthocyanin Which has the effect of being an antioxidant Its distinctive feature is to slow down the aging of the skin and increase its smoothness mechanically.

  • Inhibit the activity of the enzyme collagenase, which is responsible for the breakdown of collagen.
  • Inhibits the activity of MMP (matrix metalloproteinase) enzyme associated with the breakdown of collagen.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of Hyaluronic acid, an essential component that keeps the skin hydrated and watery

Due to UV light It is an important factor that causes the aging of the skin. Therefore, research into the effects of the extract After the skin cells were stimulated by UV light and red rice extract was found. It is safe to skin cells. And contribute to promoting various factors That significantly reduce the deterioration of the skin

Clinical efficacy test results of 30 volunteers by measuring their facial skin condition with VISIA Complexion Analysis System showed that

Volunteers who used a serum containing red rice color, hypoallergenic and irritant, also had a significant reduction in wrinkle, dark spots and roughness of the skin. Face (texture) as well as tighten pores After 12 weeks (3 months)

From nature to research and innovation

From nature to research and innovation Natural extracts to concentrate that have been researched Which received a petty patent for the extraction process Red jasmine rice extract contains important substances in the proanthocyanidin group. Which has properties to slow down the aging of the skin By reducing wrinkles and improving the smoothness of the skin

dhavi - Red jasmine rice extract product that is licensed in Thailand. And guaranteed by two world-class innovation awards 2018

Gold Medal Award from 10th International Exhibition of Inventions & 3rd World Inventoin and Innovation Forum (Foshan), Chaina
Certificate of Excellence จาก Gifted Education (IRSCA) 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum (Foshan), China