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The story of rice kam BLACK PURPLE RICE Khao Kam is a Lanna language. The central region is called Black Glutinous Rice. To prevent diseases and pests in other rice fields But did not grow rice as an economic crop When harvested and stored for rituals As a medicine And cook food only to welcome the visitors.

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Pueraria Mirifica was found to contain phytoestrogens. (Phytoestrogen) or plant substances that act like estrogen in women as a component of substances found are Miroestrol, Deoxymiroestrol.

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Sangyod rice It is classified as a colored rice that is rich in vitamins. And many useful substances which are widely grown, especially Sangyod rice, are rich in flavonoids, especially Anthocyanin and Procyanidins, which studies have shown to promote hair growth effectively

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Causes that cause skin aging In addition to internal factors such as age and hormones, external factors are important. The main cause of aging, wrinkles and dullness of the skin is UV light which directly affects the aging process of the skin.

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