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A cosmetic product brand of BIC CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
Which is a research and development center for natural extracts from research that has the protection of intellectual property That is supported by the government. And leading universities in Thailand And is a factory producing cosmetic cosmetics Beauty products And modern health supplement products under international standards

BIC CHEMICAL CO., LTD. focuses on the development and development of cosmetic products and cosmeceuticals with natural sources, research from upstream to downstream. In extracting and separating important components Are ready to experience for
Research of the starting material
Quality control process
Extraction process
The process of selecting different ingredients
Production process
Product distribution

Resulting in a quality product Forwarded to the consumer until the line of our cosmetic products. Which consists of
Red Jasmine Rice Extract
Extract from rice.
Pueraria extract
Extract from Sangyod Rice
Thai Silk Fibroin extract


It was established with the determination and goal of producing drugs and pharmaceuticals under its own brand to become the market leader in pharmaceutical, medical, cosmeceutical and nutritional supplements business. Combining modern designs on an area of ​​over 23.5 rai, we are proud to work with local farmers. And help develop Thailand to become a world-leading natural product producer With a production system that has international standards such as PIC / S GMP (EU-GMP), GMP COSMETIC, ISO 22716: 2007 with a research center and a research development team from experts.

It also received product quality certification with the Thailand Trust Mark from the Department of Export. In addition, we have invested over 70 million baht to develop state-of-the-art chemistry and biological laboratories and equipment. Under the ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 standard, we can be assured that all our products are inspected for quality through internationally recognized inspection methods and laboratories.

Therefore, we offer products with unique characteristics. Which uses quality raw materials And there is a guarantee of product quality

We strive to create and develop products and services. Our products are of the highest quality.